Why Us?

At Exotic secrets, we pride ourselves in making our customers feel as beautiful as they truly are.  We have done this by providing a truly amazing customer service experience to each of our customers. Each time customers come into our store they are warmly greeted by our customer service staff and assisted with any of their shopping needs. Customers are given help to navigate our selections and pointed to items that they may be interested in.

All of our customers are treated like a VIP client. customer service does not begin when the customer walks into the store it begins many weeks before.  For us, it begins when we order our items. We work with local distributors that have a full understanding of our market in selecting all the best items and all the new trends that our customers want. We use customer feedback to make these selections and make sure that the items that we carry appeal to the majority of our customers.  Aside from our customer service we understand that pricing is an important part of the decision making. Exotic secrets pride itself in being able to provide high-quality items at affordable prices that the majority of our customers are able to afford. Apart from our daily operations we also pride ourselves in being a member of our community. As a small business, we encourage people to buy locally because we understand that when our community does well we do well. We have also provided jobs to local residents many of them starting out their career paths. We provide a safe and nurturing environment for all our employees and we celebrate their accomplishments.  At exotic secrets lingerie, we are a family not just with our employees but our customers and community and our corporate goal is to continue to grow that family and become a leading company in the lingerie business.