Company Profile / Our Story

Company Profile

In at least 100 words but not more than 400 describe your location and store. Why did you choose to open a business in this location? Please include a physical description and a list of the key products categories?

The main reason why I decided to open my store was because I saw a need for reasonably price undergarment clothes that is both attractive and is made for a real woman.  My goal is to provide costumers with real sizes to improve and enhance their beautiful curves and sensuality. The main location of the store in Passaic NJ has very attractive, original sexy decorated windows that catch the attention and curiosity of the people that walk or drive around the area. The store has a warm welcoming environment and it is very well organized and clean, which makes customers want to come back and more importantly they bring their friends and families, which later become our loyal customers.  The shop is stock full of a variety of Colombian girdles, hosiery, club wear and swimwear, costumes, bras, panties, sexy lingerie and toys and all of them are competitively priced.

In NOT MORE than 100 words describe what makes your store special?

What makes us different than any other store is that we pride ourselves on making our customers happy. The way that we manage to achieve this is with our highly motivated staff that will do whatever possible to provide excellent customer service. We make our customers feel like they are part of our family. We do not want the customer to hesitate to ask a question or feel uncomfortable, instead, we want them to be satisfied with whatever they want to purchase. We do not seek the quick sell, but the lasting relationship that comes with a well-treated customer.  

What do you look for in an intimate apparel brand? List some of the brands that are important to your store. Which of these brands deserve an outstanding review from you? Have you brought any new products or brands into your store recently? Do you carry other products besides intimates apparel? Have any brands disappointed you as a retailer? What could these companies do to improve?

When I shop for my store I always think about four things. What does my customer like and need? Is the item made of a good material and is it comfortable? Will the brand make my customers come back because they felt sexy when they wore it? Does the price fit the location of the store? Once I find a brand or item that meets these standards I will then bring it into my store.  Throughout the years of buying through very different merchants, I have a few that deserve very high praises. Last but not least we have a huge selection of toys and body enhancers to have an unforgettable night with your partner. My store is always getting restock with new clothing and new designs, the reason why this is done is because we do not want to bring the same things and then our customers get tired, trying new things is always good.

Describe popular styles or trends in your area

Trends are moved by colors and what fits the best in the costumers lives. Some people preferred basic colors and classic styles because they go with everything and would look great under any piece. Some others go with the predominant colors of each season that make them look young, sexy and vibrant, nowadays woman are more concern with showing their polish bodies, they look for pieces that help them enhanced their curves, bring the best look of their body hiding love handles with shapers specially waist trainers and seamless shapers.

Describe your price points and size ranges in less than 100 word

In my store, the typical size women are curved, due to this my sizes range goes in shapers from xs to 6x. The shapers are categorized by style according to your body shape. The price ranges in shapers are usually 50 to 140 dollars. In bra sizes, we offered from 32 up to 44 ddd. The most popular sizes in bra selection begin with 36 b up to 38dd. We have sizes that would fit most body types, and we have items priced as low as 10 dollars.

What does your average customer spend per visit to your store

With this economy, I experienced a lot of price competition so I try to offer my clients excellent prices and big sales to move merchandise faster to keep the store updated with colors and new styles. Usually, the people that come to the stores spend on average between 30 to 85 dollars depending on their needs.

Our Customer Base

The majority of my customers are women between the ages of 18-65. we also have a lot of male clients that either come with their partners to shop or by themselves to get something for a special occasion.

In 100 to 300 words what has impacted your business the most over the past year?

Like many other businesses we have been affected by the economy, but even through the hardest parts of the recession, my business has still grown. I have learned that yes times are hard, but if I stay with my goal of providing my community with real sizes to improve and enhance their beautiful curves and sensuality, at affordable prices we will always remain strong, and my customers will always support the store.